Hey Everyone!

We launched the new site. A few things to tell you about.

1. We are still working on all the links, the LIVE page and some other pages. If you look around the site and notice any errors can you post them in the comments on this blog for us.

2. We are going to be integrating a new commenting system as well as a TWEET this and more share this options on all the blogs.

3. The LIVE page. Starting in 2010 we will be hosting some LIVE events. You will be able to log in via twitter or facebook and chat. We will be telling you more about this very shortly.

4.  Every page as a video on it. We have several different videos througout the site, so hope you enjoy that.

5. On the side of the site we are adding two sections. One that will have the latest comments and the other that will lists the most popular posts.

6. Give us your thoughts and feedback.