I wanted to share something real quickly with all of you. I started XXXchurch.com in 2002 before social networking and google. We wanted to combine the seedy and the sacred.  We realized about a year in that if you misspelled  XXXchurch it leads to porn sites.

Over the last few years, we have noticed that if you google “XXX” you find our website on the first page of google. That has been amazing as many people stumble upon to our website that were not looking for us.

We started social sites as soon as those started. I think we started with Myspace. When Facebook started we created a page and because of Facebook’s no-porn policy were were not allowed to have the name facebook.com/xxxchurch so we went with X3church.

Recently, we were told that no one can find us on Instagram if you search for us under the name XXXchurch. We had the name and had followers but you could only find us if your friend was following us. Instagram has the same no-porn policy and because of the XXX in our name, we were being blocked for pornography.

Twitter, well we all know has no policies when it comes to pornography. People find us just fine @xxxchurch. We have heard from many people about their issues typing in anything XXX on twitter because of what is out there.

So, that leads me to our change. Yesterday, we changed our social network names and now can be found at X3church on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The url is still xxxchurch.com but when it comes to our social homes we are using the “X3” as a safer approach.

Follow, like and friend us there