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The easiest way to embarrass many youth workers isn’t to volunteer them for a wacky game, throw them into a mascot costume for your video announcements, or show old pictures of them (and their acne) from junior high—though those are some great ideas! No, the easiest way is to ask them to lead a small group series on sex.

It’s the topic that consumes the minds of teenagers and seemingly infiltrates every corner of our culture, yet too often we in the church get away with weak, tepid responses and teachings on sex. Your students desperately need guidance, wisdom, and truth; how can you best respond?

Drive right to the heart of the matter with the four lessons in this DVD-based curriculum featuring Craig Gross—founder of XXXchurch.com—and Cris Clapp Logan—an Internet safety expert, artist, and writer. 

Topics in this series include:

  • Lesson 1: Is Purity Still Possible? [13:01]
  • Lesson 2: Land of XXX [12:33]
  • Lesson 3: How Far is Too Far? [11:54]
  • Lesson 4 (for the guys): Masturbation [11:28]
  • Lesson 4 (for the girls): Girl Stuff [5:18]

Yes, teenagers can make wise choices in our sex-saturated culture. And yes, youth workers can have honest, appropriate, healthy conversations with students without getting embarrassed! Pure Sex will open the doors to that kind of Christ-centered dialogue.

This curriculum includes loads of useful materials to help you, including discussion guides, promotional materials, and more. And because all of the resources are editable and reproducible, you can tweak away and infuse them with your ministry’s unique flavor!

Check out to the Volunteer’s Back Pocket Guide as well.

Craig Gross has rightly earned a reputation for boldly and courageously helping people to discover the truth about porn and to pursue paths toward freedom, accountability, and personal integrity. He’s the founder of XXXchurch.com, which provides practical and spiritual solutions to pornography issues to millions of visitors each year. He lives in Los Angeles, California, with his wife, Jeanette, and their two children, Nolan and Elise.

Cris Clapp Logan is an Internet safety expert, artist, speaker and writer. She works with corporate and technology leaders, speaks nationally to parents and youth organizations about pornography, sexuality, and youth online identity, and contributes regularly on national radio, TV, and print publications. Cris has volunteered with youth-serving organizations for over a decade. She paints, focusing on themes relating to modern-day slavery, love and technology, and lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and fly-fishing partner, Sam.