Internet Explore is the choice for many people these days. A lot of people don’t realize you don’t have to use it. There are other options. If you struggle with porn try a different browser. Here is the latest on IE 8. Beta 2 is expected to go to testers later this week.

With its private browsing feature, called “InPrivate,” Microsoft is
allowing users to cover their online tracks. But Microsoft is taking
this functionality to a more granular level than some expected. With IE
8 Beta 2, Microsoft also is enabling users to delete selected cookies —
not simply all of them. That way, when deleting evidence of which sites
s/he visited, a user has the option of keeping the cookies of her/his
favorite sites but removing certain others.

Check out their blog for all the lastest.

If you have X3watch you have no worries. Our X3watch developers say “X3watch doesn’t use cookies and browser history so that type of privacy issue is no big deal.”