Okay, just to let you all know. We
don’t take Wally anywhere really. He has made a few appearances at porn
shows and has his own website www.wallythewiener.com but we have taken all pictures and info about Wally off our site. There
is a place for Wally and there are places Wally should not go. We have
never taken Wally to church. Just so everyone knows, Wally was invited
to come to North Carolina for an outreach this past week. We were
shocked at first and told the guys at church this was a huge
undertaking and we mean huge. They were up for it and planned a college
outreach that has gone amazing at the university. J.R. comes in
Saturday and will teach on Sunday at their church service and Wally
will be deflated. The guys at the church, do say that Wally is the
greatest conversation starter they have ever seen. The emails are
pouring in from other college ministries and has led us to consider a
Wally college tour. Hey, if Girls Gone Wild can do a college tour, why
can’t Wally. We will see what happens, if interested email us. For the
record…We will not bring Wally somewhere where he is not invited,
although my son Nolan wants Wally for his 4 year old birthday party and
we have opted for a bounce house instead.