Craig and I had a great Sunday at the peoples church speaking and
showing the film Missionary Positions. At about 9pm Sunday evening we
hopped on a bus going to Tulsa for the XXXchurch benefit golf
fundraiser. Now this bus was no Greyhound, this was the tour bus for
Audio Adrenaline who was gracious enough to allow us to tag along with
them. They were going to be in the golf tournament and offered to let
us come with them on the very long drive to Tulsa. Our friends from
Gate Creative, JR and Rob, came along too. They are our new travel buds
who make us laugh, encourage us, and basically keep us from screwing
everything up. It was great hanging with Mark and Will from Audio and
the guys from Flicker Records and Third Coast. We stayed up way too
late talking and then got some very bad sleep in our tour bus bunks. It
was the first time Craig and I had slept like this. We should of
brought some Tylenol PM to help with the ZZZZZZZ’s. Bouncing, braking,
accelerating and turning corners seems to be a bad mix fo optimal
sleeping conditions. Groggy, unshowered, and hungry the tour bus pulled
up to the golf course at about 7am this morning. We made it just in
time. It was an incredible time and a complete blast. Rob from Pillar,
who put everything together, totally out did himself. What a great guy
and an inspiration to both Craig and I. He is a great individual who
has always been a huge supporter of what we do. He also is a killer
golfer. In attendance were guys from the bands Mercy Me, Spoken,
Disciple, Audio Adrenaline, Pillar, Travis Wyrick (producer for Pillar
and POD) and bunch of other great golfers. Though we are not golfers by
nature, we did take a few whacks at the ball when no one was looking.
Our golf game is embarassing. Especially Craig’s. Right now its 10pm
and we are flying home. We are at 31,000 feet, sitting in coach, and
looking forward to seeing our families. We loved our trip but we love
our own beds too. We will sleep well tonight.