Hello Friends!

As most of you are aware the new book Jesus
Loves You…This I Know was released at the end  of September. We have
been blown away by the response so far, and we’re really excited about
what the future holds for this project. That’s why we have some
exciting news!

My friend and co author Jason Harper and I have decided to run a promotion for today onlyIf you purchase the book from Amazon TODAY, OCTOBER 13th. for $12.23 (retail price: $17.99), we will give you a huge return on your investment.

 Here is what you will receive for buying the book today, October 13:

1. A PDF of The Gutter by Craig Gross (all hard copies have been sold out), a $10 value

2. 3 FREE Audiobooks! Craig’s last books FREE.  The Gutter, Questions You Can’t Ask Your Mama and Starving Jesus, a $35 value

3. The song Jesus Loves Me, MP3 (written to coincide with the book by Aaron Keyes and Ben Smith)

So for $12.23, you’re getting a value of over $60!

Also, if you buy Jesus Loves You at Amazon on October 13, we will enter you to win one of three grand prizes.

1. A free trip to Las Vegas
2. A $100 credit in the XXXchurch online store
3. A free trip to the Atlanta Pride stop on the Jesus Loves You tour

Already have the book? Send it to a friend who needs it, and you’ll still get the freebies!

Why are we doing this?

we want to say thank you. We think this book can have a huge impact in
the world, and we want to thank you for helping us get the word out.

Second, Amazon ranks one-day sales very highly in their placement of
books on their website, so a huge rush of sales in one day will gain
added exposure to the book. Also, when a book ranks highly, it shows up
more frequently in recommended readings lists. Bottom line: the book
ends up in more people’s hands.

To get your freebies and to
be entered to win one of the grand prizes, go to Amazon, place your
order, write down the order number, and fill out the form here: http://bit.ly/188YT6

Craig Gross and Jason Harper