In this month’s episode of Open 24/7 I sit down with a good friend of mine named Kevin Murray. I have known Kevin for over a decade and admire several things about him.

His love for his family.
His commitment to invest in the next generation
And, his great sense of business.

Kevin runs a highly successful screen printing company called KJM but several years ago he also helped launch a little apparel company called Jedidiah (not so little now) which he continues to runs today in addition to everything else he does. The word Jedidiah means “Loved By God” and not only does Kevin’s company make some really outstanding surf wear and t-shirts but they also give back to several nonprofits through there sales.

I have been a huge fan and supporter of Jedidiah since the first time I saw them selling t-shirts out of a van outside a Plank Eye concert in San Diego. I’m even wearing one of their shirts in this video.

So sit back and watch this great conversation with my friend Kevin and see what it means to be open.



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