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Recently we have been able to start some great conversations online. We’ve talked about the Duggar situation, Caitlyn Jenner, and more.

Any time we talk about these hot social issues it sparks debate.

We love that.

We aren’t afraid of it.

Conversations and open dialogue foster relationships, understanding, and growth. We think those are good things.

Of course, with these open conversations come a lot of criticism … and we don’t mean the “constructive” type.

That’s why in this week’s podcast I thought we’d share with you some of our best Hatemail. So, make sure you listen and then read some of the best ones we’ve received below. These are gold!


In Christ Jesus I rebuke your spirit to be destroyed…
Eric O.


Do you think Craig Gross would be ok to have a boxing match? I’d like to put on some boxing gloves and go three rounds with that guy. I’m thinking “knock out!!” Do you think I am justified in my thinking? I’m a bit upset, to be sure. Hey, tell Craig he is no friend of believers. And especially to men in recovery who are struggling to overcome an addiction to pornography.


How dare you say Jesus Loves Porn Stars. I hate that. It’s not true. It’s sinful and you have no right or no proof to do that. May god curse you women for what you did. You are a sin and all you girls do are destroy us men on the inside. Porn kills us as well. I hope you get cursed by his holy wrath.
– Good Ole’ Josiah


I still try to love homosexuals. The thing is, you’re taking it a step further by saying that we have to embrace the crud they drag with them. Homosexuality is like a cancerous growth: it needs to be cut off of the person it’s infecting.


Someone at my church told me about this site and so I thought I would check it out for myself. I was quite honestly shocked at the smalls bits I looked at on your website. ‘Jesus loves porn stars’. I do agree with you; because he loves us all. But have you not heard of blasphemy? Get your facts right; and speak the TRUTH rather than your own ideas; because they seem pretty petty.


Shame on you. I hope God punishes you.
– Michael


This totally wasted some time I could of been looking at porn and by the way who are you to judge purity? It’s simple minded people such as
yourself that brought about things like the inquisition so good luck with the faith clensing a**holes
– Aaron


Jesus says that this is better than what these folks will get when they stand before a Holy God. We know how much God hates sin. When you gloss over sin, you cause people to conclude that the cross is no big deal. You have no idea what it cost God to die to take away the sin of the world. We are not trying to get people to join the Christian club. They must come to God in repentance. May God open the eyes of your understanding.


Anyway, I found your site basically worthless. It seems like you’re interested in shocking people and getting attention, and maybe a couple of people will be benefitted through your actions, but it doesn’t seem like you do much to tackle the problems at all. This is not hate mail, because I do not hate you or your website, I just don’t find you helpful. I hope you’ll take the comments into consideration.
– Kaja C.


I don’t know if this is actually going to get to Craig Gross or not; but I am going to continue as if I believed I am actually talking to him. I stumbled across your site today and was saddened by the message you’re promoting. Because the truth is that this is giving you all sorts of press that you are profiting from and I hope that hurts you inside when you think about it. There is nothing wrong with the sexual curiosity that most human beings experience. What is wrong is people thinking they are garbage and being hurt and consumed by people like you telling them parts of themselves are evil. That’s just stupid and if I believed in God of punishment and terrorism then I honestly believe he would be targeting people like you, not people in the porn industry. Shame on you and the lies you spread. Someday I hope that you come forward with the real sin in your life.
Jim (Former Youth Director)

I, as a parent, am truly offended by your signs that line the street on the way to school. If you truly care about reaching souls, I think you could be a little more tactful with your advertising.


PLEASE STOP SPREADING LIES ABOUT THE GOD OF JUDGEMENT YOU ARE DECEIVING YOURSELVES AND SO MANY OTHERS. If you think I’m some kinda satanist you are wrong. I’m a servant of the Living God and it is you who have been beguiled by satan. SNAP OUT OF IT


First of all to have the 3 xxx’s in front of the word church is an instant warning ” ‘RED FLAG”‘ to a “REAL SPIRIT FILLED CHRISTIAN BELIEVER”… Take off your stupid T-shirts and your jokes.


Your site is idiotic. “Hey let’s try and convey our Christian propaganda to teenagers by being ‘cool’! Maybe then they’ll stop looking at porn. Pete the Porno Puppet’? Are you kidding me? It’s one thing to be against pornography for one reason or another, but to tell everyone to stop doing it is unreasonable. I personally don’t see anything morally wrong with pornography. How would you like it if I started preaching to your kids that pornography is a good thing? I’m willing to bet you wouldn’t appreciate it. Now what you need to understand is that there is no difference between these two. If you find a difference (other than “I’m right and you’re wrong”), let me know.
Sincerely, Kyle


I am writing to say how much I HATE this website and its purpose. It would appear that you are not the men you are made out to be. It is Christ, the greatest man, whom we should emulate. Your behavior astounds me. Follow Jesus is what I say, do what he did. Jesus didn’t go around eating with sinners, or putting himself in a position to “help” prostitutes. Really, come on now, what is the greatest commandment…shouldn’t we seek to obey God? Your religious satire is entirely inappropriate; did Jesus employ such unholy hyperbole? Do you see how harmful that is, what if I were to tell you I would throw a log or a large stick at you, is that serious or just an exaggeration? Can’t tell, maybe we should consider the idea that God didn’t create us to think in such a manner. I am done setting you right, I would advise you to consider the life and testimony of Dwight Moody and what he might have to say about this TERRIBLE site.
Friend of the pasquinade, Nathan


I mean no disrespect, but are you guys serious? “Christian porn site”? so am I to believe that you guys get off on band reviews and poorly painted cars and all that jazz? Judging from this name of this web page I am lead to believe you associate yourselves with a pornographic things, it sounds like you guys have Sunday school girls fornicating or something. It people like you who give Christians a bad name, does the Bible not say “I am no part of the world”? Well porno is a huge part of the world, so practice what you “preach” hey? Man have you guys ever turned Jesus into your profit! It’s terrible, it’s not even clever. Write back, I’d like to hear from you!
– Steve