Yes, PJ the new intern and I ventured to Ozzfest this weekend. Our friends The Showdown invited us out to Detroit to hang. It was everything metal, rock n roll, redneck and ridiculous on a fine Sunday afternoon. So PJ and I balanced by going to church early that morning and then headed out. Check out the pics here, especially the photo of PJ and I, and an Ozzy poser.

Everyone loved the Porncruiser. It might have been because they were wasted, but oh well. I admire The Showdown for being on the road for two months, for putting themselves out there with a bunch of bands who value completely different things than them. They are great guys rocking the crushing southern metal. They are simply dudes who are themselves. Presenting hope to a lot of people who have little.

We were cussed at, called f’in emo kids and prompted to fight a few times. Ozzfest is similar to a porn show, a bunch of people gather who would never enter a church and celebrate what they have in common. They celebrate the music they love.

There is nothing better than when a group of younger kids, with pentagrams around their necks, grabs The Showdown’s album after their set and walks up to the band wanting to talk to them and have them sign their album. Or when your bus is next to the band Hatebreed’s and they are the guys you chill with every night. As David and Riley from the Showdown say “they are bros.”

Podcast from Ozzfest coming soon…

Get snake bit! (As David would say, i think it is Eastern Tenn for get hype or something)