Everyday we hear stories like this. Here is a confession I saw early this morning on the site. Read more confessions here.

Over the past 4 years, I have grown addicted to sex due to a couple
unpure relationships as well as a complete avoidance of God’s will,
word, etc. To say the least, I was walking and living in sin. Sex was
always a way to have momentarily relief from the pain. When I realized
that sex was at the core of my relationship, I broke off the engagement
and “I” started to “fix” my life. I was doing ok for a couple weeks
after the breakup, but due to my “body” being addicted to the feelings
brought on by intercourse, my mind sought it out; porn. I have been
grappling with an addiction to porn for a couple months now, and I’m
doing much better as I have dedicated my life to Him. Recently, I was
baptized in the Spirit, and I desire to learn and know about God in
much more meaningful ways.

I have prayed about the past
addiction, and have requested additional prayer from friends and
others. By the Grace of God, I WILL BE FREE FROM THE ADDICTIONS!