iParent.TVWhen I was in high school and college occasionally I would use Cliff’s Notes to help me with a book report or review. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about I’ll explain. Cliff’s Notes are tight book summaries that give the reader an overview of each chapter and also the main characters. As you can imagine, this resource was often seen as a great way to circumnavigate reading and many students (including me) used them selectively to “help” us with our assignments.

Of course, the purpose of Cliff’s notes was to supplement the task of reading and not completely replace it (even though many students thought so). I found out this the hard way when I tried to do a book review on A Tale Of Two Cities entirely from Cliff’s Notes and ended up missing a great deal of context in my submission. Honestly, if you read my review you probably would have thought I was talking about a different book than the Charles Dickens classic.

Anyway, the point of all this isn’t to encourage you to read yourself. It’s to show you that there is great value in having someone do the work for you if it can provide the same quality results you’d get if you did it yourself. This was one of the central thoughts we had when developing iParent.TV.

iParent.TV is a subscription based website that gives parents a ton of information via blogs and videos on all the latest tech fads their kids are into. The idea is we want parents to have a place that they can get solid (and complete) answers on all the questions they may have about social media, apps, video games, and more without having to burn dozens of hours researching this stuff themselves. iParent.TV will answer questions like “Should my daughter be allowed to use SnapChat” or “Is there a way for my kids to get porn on their XboxOne?”

iParent.TV is going to be a powerful resource for parents and what we’ve started is just the beginning. There is so much more we have planned.

We only have a couple more days left where you can sign up for iParent.TV and get $20 off the annual subscription price of $49.

Think about it. For only $29 per year you can get access to everything you need to know to better help you with your decisions as parents when it comes to your kids and all things technology.

Look, you are spending money on computers, smartphones, and apps for your kids. Shouldn’t you understand how these things work? Get fast, thorough information and get the most out of your devices while taking care of your kids at the same time.

Get in on the ground floor of iParent.TV by signing up today and getting a one year subscription for only $29.

There’s an old saying … work smarter not harder. iParent.TV will help you do this.


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