It seems like no matter where I go, it seems like really nice mom’s
and dad’s are totally clueless on what is going on when it comes to
porn and technology. Many times parents are so overwhelmed with all the
other issues kids are facing that they overlook some incredibly
important ones staring them right in the face. Porn. Myspace.
Predators. Chat. Links. And if I hear one more time a parent tell me
“my little so and so would never do that” I am going to puke.

So were working on this mini site to help parents. Both prevention
and intervention. It’s aim is to help them figure all this mess out and
to give them the courage to engage with their kids on this topic.
Listen, it’s tough being a mom and dad. I understand. So hopefully this
mini site resource will help a little. We have the team together and
are pulling all the creative and content together now. We should be up
and running in a little over a month. We still have to build out all
the graphics and web stuff, etc. But I will keep updating and give some
sneak peeks in the weeks to come. Peace. Mike.

P.S. Pete the Porno Puppet will not be on the site, it will be a lot more serious.