I wrote something for CNN that hit their site last week about Jesus loving everyone.  Jesus is for everyone. That does not mean we can do whatever we want but Jesus gives us space and time to work through all those things. He is the one ultimately that has come to set us free.

So, I hit iTunes today and saw P.O.D. is back. Got the album and started listening to this song “I Am”

I heard the word “f**k” in it but it did not stand out to me. All the other words did.

All the other words that so many people I know let them describe who they are when really those things you struggle with don’t define you and don’t make you who you are.

It’s my favorite song on the album. I went online later and saw the religious folks up in arms that Sonny said the F word. Another example of how we often times miss the point. The song is powerful. Listen to a clip here or read the words below.

And whatever you fill in here ( I am ____________) know that He did come to set you free and He did really want to die for you.

I Am The Murdered, The Pervert , Sick To The Core 

I Am The Unclean, Dope Fiend, I Am The Whore) 

I Am The Beat Down, Mistreated, Sexually Abused 

I Have Violated, Fornicated and sexually Used 

I Am The Con Artist, Cold Hearted, Smooth Preacher 

Cash Stealer, Emotion Bleeder, The Soul Lecher 

I Feed Off The Poor But I’m A Slave To The Rich 

I’m In Depression So, This Reflection is Making Me Sick 

Are You The One That’s Come To Set Me Free ? 

Cause If You Knew Who I Am, Would You Really Want To Die For Me ? 

They Say You Are The Cursed Man, The One Who Hangs From This Tree 

I Know This Is The One and only son of GOD But Tell Who the fuck is he! 

So tell me! 

I Am Fake, A fraud, A Phony, I’m Known Liar 

Anorexic, Rejected Object of your desire 

Suicidal Thoughts, Keep one in the chamber 

I’m A turned out streetwalking Heroin Banger 

I Am a secret cutter, Porn lover, The Town, Drunkard 

Next Door, Neighborhood slut, I am Somebody’s mother 

Out casted arrogant bastard son 

I am the talk of the town but this story’s just begun 

I am what you reaped, I am what you sewed 

I am that guy talking to himself, I am alone 

I’m the forgotten child ravaged and raped through sex traffic 

And Since I’m a little strange, My daddy called me a faggot 

I am insecure, Immature, Even I Discuss Me 

In denial, Pill Pop’n, Prescription junkie 

I see demons, Eyes Bleeding, My Soul Impure 

Already know that I’m the disease, But tell me what’s the cure? 

This is me, We are him and i am you 

Old things have passed away and all things become new!