We have so much going on it is crazy here at XXXchurch. Here is the latest.

New Year! New Podcast.

The new podcast is with myself, Rachel Collins and Harmony Dust. We have a host as well named Brey that did not make the picture for the show but I think has more facetime on the actual show then any of us.

The show is your topics and your questions. That is pretty much it. Each episode we will take a different topic and we will just work through questions that have been submitted on the site, at event and through FB and Twitter.

The first show we recorded is called “Put a Ring on It” and the whole show is about sex before marriage. I will fil you in on the second show. It is called “Mouth Full” and is all about Oral Sex.

We don’t make up the questions, we just try and give you honest and direct answers. You can get the show a number of ways.

XXXchurch.tv – A great player to watch it all in one setting

iTunes – Download and watch later.

-Audio – If you just want the audio you can grab that a number of different places xxxchurch.tv has a link for audio, we have a seperate itunes audio podcast and here is a rss for audio.

To complicated just watch right below.