Jonathan Speirs, who volunteered for us at the Erotica show in London last fall, will be joining us this summer as an intern. In an effort to raise funds for his internship this summer, Jon decided to hit the streets in his Jesus Loves Porn Stars tshirt, a pair of spandex pants and a pogo stick. Pogo for Pornstars he called it. Here’s the bit from Jon’s facebook and the video to proove it:

“Bouncing on a pogo stick for a mile was hard but if it gets people to
pay attention about porn it’s all good. Untold mountains of anecdotal
evidence has suggested that porn is a powerful, destructive force in
western society.

I’m going to intern at this
summer of ’08. If your watching this and you pledged money please let
me have it asap. If you didn’t pledge and this video has inspired you
to support me then I wont say no!”