I met Levi The Poet a few years back. He is just a great guy and super talented. He is going to be out on the FOR TODAY tour for the next two months on behalf of XXXchurch. Check out all the dates here.  The tour starts on Friday in Nashville. I can’t wait. 

This past weekend Mars Hill Church  did a talk on porn at all of their campuses.  Driscoll interviewed our good friend Crissy about her journey out of porn and she got a chance to talk about Strip Church and Treasures.

Levi The Poet performed at the Mars Hill campus in ABQ.  He performed this poem called Pretty In Pornography. 

Here is what he says about this poem:

It is an older poem, rewritten and reworked a bit for the video that, four years after the poem’s debut, has finally been made. This piece is blunt and dear to my heart – it has probably gotten me the most flak of anything that I’ve written throughout my years touring as Levi The Poet. I did not write it so that I could be edgy, I wrote it so that I could be repentant before a culture that shies away from acknowledging it’s destructive power, and invite others to do the same. I am convinced that pornography is the most destructive force in our society – which certainly does not mean that I despise the pornographers (as many a person will wrongly assume)! I love them, and Jesus loves them, and I would desire that we, as a church, love them better, buy refusing to idolize, objectify and use them as nothing better than a means of producing excrement that we flush down the toilet. They, and we, are created in the image and likeness of a God who loves us wholeheartedly, and died to prove that love and invite us into a new life through his son Jesus Christ. 

Levi is featured on the new youth curriculum for XXXchurch as well that you can get here.  

Pretty In Porngoraphy is featured below and in our iTunes feed.