Here is our official announcement.

Los Angeles, CA – announced that it is making available $50,000 in resources to the U.S. Congress. Weinergate has caught the eye of the Internet’s #1 leader in online accountability and prevention.

The actions and behaviors highlighted by the troubles of U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner are not an isolated incident. It is estimated that over 11 million Americans have a sexual addiction, from which leaders at all levels of business, government and religious institutions are not immune. founder Craig Gross made the “Keep Your Pants On” announcement today, stating “we want to help all people see that there is more to life and leadership than what you get out of momentary sexual gratification. We expect more from our nation’s leaders, for our kids and for our families.”

The goal for XXXchurch is to give each member of congress access to a trustworthy manner of being accountable while online, helping to elevate them to a higher level of leadership.  Additionally, believes that by giving free access to their X3pure online workshop that each member would have an enhanced capacity to make better and more sound decisions while in such vital roles as theirs.

Any member of congress that would like access to X3pure and the software X3watch can email [email protected] to request their free copy. is the largest website helping those that are struggling with pornography and sexual addiction. XXXchurch is the maker of the free X3watch software which is used by over 1 million people online. The software monitors where you go online and sends reports to accountability partners of any questionable website. Additionally, XXXchurch has also developed an online workshop that sells for $99 called to help men, women and married couples recover from porn and sexual addictions.

To schedule an interview with Craig Gross please contact [email protected] or 626-628-3387.