Youth pastors, youth ministry staff, and youth volunteers today are faced with the ever growing issue of sex and pornography among the youth they encounter everyday.

This is a topic that consumes the minds of teenagers and seemingly infiltrates every corner of our culture today. Teenagers live in a sex-saturated world. And for many of them, sex has become a purely physical act, fully divorced from spirituality, love, and commitment. Sex, pornography, and “hooking up” are all met with the same response: “It’s no big deal.”

Youth leaders are all too often able to get away with weak and feeble responses back to their students. There is so much fear surrounding the issue of sex and pornography when it comes to talking about it. This conversation is not as scary as we have made it out to be. Kids in youth groups are talking about this with or without you.

Youth workers are on the front lines of the battle to shape, challenge, and encourage teenagers toward sexual wholeness and purity. We want you to be in on the conversation and equip you with some tools and resources that will help you lead this conversation.

Craig Gross along with Cris Clapp Logan has teamed up together creating two great resources to help you do just that.

The Volunteer’s Back Pocket Guide to Sex

Is a book that does not sugarcoat the realities, and does not hold back, is bluntly, honestly tackling the toughest topics, including pornography, sexuality, masturbation, and purity. Using God’s truth as the foundation for the conversation, this will equip you with practical information and powerful strategies to help you become a volunteer youth worker who helps teenagers live wisely and walk in freedom!

Pure Sex

Pure Sex dives right into the heart of the matter with a four lesson curriculum. This DVD based study features Craig Gross and Cris Clapp Logan.

Topics in this series include:

  • Lesson 1: Is Purity Still Possible?
  • Lesson 2: Land of XXX
  • Lesson 3: How Far is Too Far?
  • Lesson 4 (for the guys): Masturbation
  • Lesson 4 (for the girls): Girl Stuff

Yes, teenagers can make wise choices in our sex-saturated culture. And yes, youth workers can have honest, appropriate, healthy conversations with students without getting embarrassed! Pure Sex will open the doors to a Christ-centered dialogue.

This curriculum includes loads of useful materials to help you, including discussion guides, promotional materials, and more.

This is just an intro to something that each youth pastor can make specific to their youth group. It is a 4 week video curriculum that I think provides healthy teaching and conversation on several issues surrounding sex.

To get your copy of The Volunteer’s Back Pocket Guide to Sex click here to order your copy today.

To get your copy of Pure Sex click here to get this curriculum and start changing how your students view sex.