If you did not listened to Podcast #25 you need to right now. David Dean was on the show and it was quite
funny. What was even funnier was bringing David with me to Purity Day
at Elkart Christian Academy in Indiana. He was suppose to be funny
prior to me talking about porn.  He did some new jokes. Yes… I was
shocked too. After 5 hours of Purity day, we took a break and headed to
the movies.  Can you guess what we saw?

After the movie, it was on at the Texas Roadhouse. We had one final
session with the kids and parents at 7:00pm. We arrived back at the
church at 6:55 and this is what the parking lot looked like.

A few more people showed up and after funny boy finished his stick,
I gave one last talk. Afterward a girl was moved and wanted to talk to
me. She did not tell me about her problem with porn, she showed me her
picture she drew of me while I was speaking. I hope you enjoy it as
much as I did. David stole all of my notes and is available for your
school’s next porn and comedy day. Make sure you check out DavidPDean.com. He is also available for birthday parties.