Have you ever thought of something and immediately searched for a pen or pencil so you could write down that thought before it escaped you?  We all have, and it’s not because we all have Alzheimer’s.  Writing things down is just practical.  It helps us recall details that we normally would forget.  Writing something down helps us retai

n thoughts or information better.  For example, people who are serious about working out log their workouts because they know they’d forget things week to week.  Here’s the big idea … you write things down that are important.

Why do I say all this?  Because sobriety and purity are important.  Many people who struggle with porn addiction have had numerous times where they have sworn off certain things or made grand promises just to end up breaking those verbal commitments later on.  If this is you let me ask, have you ever tried writing it down?

We have a great section on the site called letters.  The letters project is centered around this idea of writing your thoughts down because they are important and you want to be reminded of exactly what you said or thought when the time counts.  Check out the letters project today.  If you want to get serious about your porn problem put it down in ink.