raising awarenessHey everybody, it’s the last day of May and the unofficial beginning of summer for many. This last month was super busy with an outreach in Florida, two new videos, special guest bloggers, and a FREE webinar for husbands and wives. I hope you had time to keep up.

This month we are going to be focusing on something that really lies at the heart of XXXchurch’s vision … raising awareness.

I know it seems crazy that in this modern day we need to “raise awareness” about pornography and the consequences of using it but we do. Many people are still in the dark about how rampant it is in today’s culture and what it can lead to.

In June we will be looking at the availability of porn, porn’s place in cultural trends, and how setting up boundaries can actually better your life.

Make sure you check back every day for new stuff and please help us raise awareness this month by sharing our blogs and videos on your social channels.

In fact, here’s a great way to start! Just tweet and comment, like or follow us and get entered to win a FREE year of X3watch Premium for you AND a friend! It’s that easy.

Let’s raise awareness together!

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