In 2011, after two Strip Church trainings, we had about 20 ministries in our network anywhere from California to Florida. After our most recent training in Pasadena, we added 15 more ministries. We now have 35 ministries in 22 different U.S. states and 2 different countries! Our networked ministries are located in cities such as Lexington, Miami, Dallas, Salt Lake, Seattle, New Jersey, Las Vegas, Denver, and more. Our international locations include Vancouver and Saskatoon in Canada, and Brisbane, Australia. We are very excited to see the number of strip club ministries continue to grow and we cannot wait to see what cities will join us in just the next year. Every state in the U.S. has at least one strip club, so our hope is to have ministries in every state so that we can reach as many girls in the sex industry as we can. Some states have as little as two clubs and some have as many as 200.  

Interested in reaching out to the sex industry in your town?  Come to one of our Strip Church trainings and start reaching out to clubs today. 

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