It feels like Dirty Little Secrets is
becoming a show totally worth listening to. Now it’s not because of
Craig and myself but because of some of our incredible guests we have
had lately. Like Donald Miller and Brian McClaren.

If you haven’t checked out the Donald Miller podcast then make sure
to get it. We talk about things with “The Donald” you won’t here
anywhere else like his love life(I should’nt of asked) and things in
his book that others probably won’t talk about.(male equipment.)

And then coming up on next weeks podcast is Brian McClaren. Author,
Speaker, and all around emergent guy, Brian talks with us about gay
people, the secret message of Jesus, and who he thinks is going to win
American Idol. You won’t believe his answer! If you haven’t subscribed
to Dirty Little Secrets yet, what are you waiting for? Peace. Mike.