Such a great weekend at Daybreak this past Sunday. If you have not watched the video of the service you can watch that below.  Even made it on Howard Stern which you can listen to here.

Below is an email I got from Wes Dupin with comments about the day.

What a day! I’ve received many comments since Sunday, both positive and negative. But mostly positive. I will share a few:

“Thank you for taking a stand against porn while loving people. The church has a lot to learn about loving our neighbors.”

“Thank you for having the courage to respond to God’s spirit as you lead our church. As I sat in the service yesterday and listened to Ron Jeremy talk, I felt that many people have the same questions as Ron.”

“Congratulations… This is wonderful publicity that communicates well your redemptive risk-taking!”

“Very interesting service yesterday. I was not looking forward to coming. Expected to hear Ron attempting to justify or defend his life. Expected there to be some of the Hollywood stuff, etc. What I saw was a very intelligent man, very well spoken, gifted musician, in his own way a religious man, a person that respects others opinions, and treated others with dignity. The message I came away with was do not judge people by what you have heard about someone, your perceptions may be way off.”

“Incredible!…I never doubted your ability to think out of the box and most of all your willingness to follow through, regardless of the pressures otherwise. I’m sure there is much discussion today at the water-cooler for both the saints and sinners. Most of all, are Ron Jeremy’s thoughts about Christians and how they might be different today than Friday. Seems the media “got it” but sadly that probably means the religious people didn’t. Keep pushing the boundaries for the rest of us and maybe someday we can focus on sinners and not saints. By the way, I had to respond on my home computer because my office computer blocked it because of Ron Jeremy’s name.”

“Watched the interview this evening on TV… It was great. We really enjoyed listening to Ron’s story and it is so evident that the Lord is truly working in his life. It’s one thing to tackle porn, and it’s quite another to tackle the fact that he Jewish, and the barriers of coming to Christ that poses. It pains me to read the closed-minded Facebook replies on WOOD-TV website by other Christians… this interview should be evident to Christians that we must meet people where they are at … And when Jeremy accepts Christ, what a joyous day that will be; and who knows the impact he could have on the industry.”

“I’m proud of you and celebrate your passion to reach the lost.”

“I hope people who were on the border of faith made a step today. Thanks man!”

“You are an amazing Pastor. Not one in a thousand would have the courage to attach the mission of the Gospel of Jesus and making it real and relevant as you do. Well done.”

“Thanks for taking a chance on this and actually doing it!”

These are just a few. Of course I have received a few disappointed with me emails and comments, that I would bring on our stage such a person as Ron Jeremy. I certainly respect them as people.  However, all in all it was a great day for the Church of Christ. I really believed we conveyed the message, “All sinners are welcomed!” I know there are some who will take issue with that and others may choose to leave but I really believe we are on the right track in reaching lost and lonely people for Christ. For a time you may hear the whispers, “that’s the church that had Ron Jeremy on their stage.”  Don’t defend, simply give them a warm and loving invitation to attend Daybreak sometime and find out for yourself. Who knows. They may experience the real Jesus in their lives. 

By the way, the media coverage was the best: present was FOX-TV, WOOD-TV, WMMT-TV, WZZM-TV, Grand Rapids Press, television crew from France doing a documentary on the Porn industry, another film crew from Australia(Hillsong) doing a documentary. I met one young man from El Salvador, who drove all the way from Chicago and wants me to come to his country to preach the gospel in their churches. I told him I would consider his invite. I think of the impact that Craig Gross is having on the life of Ron Jeremy and the fact he is truly leading this man toward the Cross of Christ. Imagine the tail spin when Ron decides to follow Jesus. It will be a headline story much like Apostle Paul who hated and killed Christians. Just think, Daybreakers impacted Ron’s life. He told me the joy he experienced being at Daybreak. He loved the worship experience. I listened carefully and tried to pray at the same time as Craig Gross presented the simple Gospel. Powerful! I think about the hundreds of people who were in church for the first time or it’s been a long time. I think of the porn fan of Ron Jeremy who leaves in our town who said he does not go to church but he was going to be there Sunday. Wow! I think of the 118 first time visitors who registered in our Lounge and I got the opportunity to invite them back. I think about the hundreds of programs that went home with the Plan Of Salvation printed on the back who could study it later. I think about the many who are addicted to porn or sin that realize there is Hope in Christ, there is forgiveness, there is freedom. Who knows the thoughts, the moments of transformation that were quietly taking place across the room of a thousand chairs. 

Thank you for being a body of believers who accept and love people as they are and not what you hope they become. That message exploded out of this place this past Sunday. Yes there will be those who will harshly judge our attempts to love wounded, porn addicted, alcoholics, pornographers, druggies, prostitutes, gossipers, adulterers, molesters, murderers, liars, cheaters, thieves, lustfilled, fornicators, mean spirited, money hungry, envious, slanderers, foul mouth, jealous, angry sinners and people like You and me!

I don’t know about you, but my Jesus died for these folk…because He Loved them!

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