One of the scariest things people can hear is bad news from a doctor about their health, especially when he or she tells them that they have “the big C.”  Cancer is no joking matter and being told you have it is generally not seen as good news.  However, in this video Stephanie tells us that CANCER SAVED HER LIFE!  Wow, how can that be?  How can something like cancer save your life?

Watch this movie and see how God can use any situation to work for our betterment.  In this case cancer served as a wake up call for Stephanie and a springboard for her incredible life transformation.  We love Stephanie and are stoked for her future.  Next time you face something that scares you like depression, like anxiety, like even cancer … don’t run to those things that serve as a temporary comfort but look to see what God may be doing in your life for the better through those things.