If you have not heard of the new movie with Bill Maher, now you have. Well, looks like they are promoting XXXchurch.com all over their website. Check out the story taken from film school rejects.

Lionsgate has launched a new viral marketing website for the upcoming documentary Religulous,
which features HBO talkshow host and famous non-believer Bill Maher
taking on the world of religion. Along with Borat director Larry
Charles, Maher has traveled the world to explore the state of world
religion and ultimately get people laughing in the process. As he told
Larry King, “there is something about religion today that is inherently

The website, Disbeliefnet.com,
serves as a marketing tool as well as a portal into the mind of Bill
Maher, who is one of the most publicly vocal cynics of organized
religion around. And who can blame him for being a little jaded — as
religion is often what is written on the front side of the violence
train as it barrels through regions of the world. I’m not saying that I
agree with everything Maher has to say, but like Michael Moore he often
has a point.

Ultimately though, whether or not you believe (or don’t believe) the
way Maher does, his intent seems to be to make you laugh. As long as
you don’t take yourself too seriously, you just may, as the guy is
generally pretty damn funny. In fact, the website itself is off to a
good start, with articles such as “Kosher Cellphones for the Observant
Jew” and “Evolution of the Burkini”. And there are also funny ads:

Come on people… You know those make you chuckle.

Either way, Religulous is set to hit theaters in a limited fashion on October 3, 2008. I would expect protests to begin at least a few days beforehand. In the mean time, visit Disbeliefnet.com and either laugh your ass off or make yourself more repressed and angry — whatever comes first.