debate tonight at James Madison University was pretty amazing. If you
did not know today, September 13th was the last day of the Starving Jesus tour.
We wrapped up this morning in NYC and everyone went their different
directions. I jumped on a plane and headed to Virginia. Ron overslept
or missed his flight so he was running about 3 hours late. I had rented
a car and stayed back to pick him up and drive about an hour to the

The drive over we hit a ton of fog. Ron said he
felt he was pretty safe because I must be close to the Lord and he
would protect us if we got into an accident. It was pretty thick and
caused us to drive about 10 miles an hour on the highway.

We rolled into the school with about 20 minutes to spare. The debate
was sold out. 1300 college students. We even had some XXXchurch fans in
the house, quite a few. We had one group of students come up and start
talking to me afterwards about the fast and Starving Jesus tour.

debate lasted 2 plus hours. Some great questions. I even spoke with a
girl afterwards who said her whole view of porn was changed after
hearing the debate. Sure it was just one girl but it meant a lot. The line to meet Ron was huge.

After the debate, Ron and I headed to IHOP.
The place was packed with college students. As soon as we walked in
everyones heads turned except for the hostess. She had no idea who was
standing there but everyone else already had their camera
phones out. I saw the microphone on the wall and turned it on and said
“Yes everyone that is Ron Jeremy”. I then got yelled at by the hostess
and was told that was not a toy. I think the students were let down to
see me and Ron eating at the same table. I guess that is not how they
pictured the debate should wrap up.

We talked a lot and then ran into some TKE
frat boys who wanted Ron to come back to their apartment. They even
tried to tempt Ron with some girls, saying there were girls who would
have sex with him if he came back.

Ron declined and headed to my room instead. And, I don’t
care what you hear about Ron Jeremy. But he is not that good for much
after 3am. Here is what happened while he was showing me his new myspace page.


Watch this video!

Ron…love you man! See you at 5am for the drive back to the airport.