I just spoke with Ron Jeremy yesterday. I am thankful that he is recovering and doing so much better then last week. You may have seen things on TMZ, Usa Today or any of your local news. Ron was feeling pain in his chest last Tuesday and went to the hospital. I spoke with Ron on the phone just prior to his first 8 hour surgery. I immediately left for the hospital and waited throughout the night praying he would live through it. After the first surgery he was taken in for another.

I’d like to share something personal with you. I have a lot of favorite Ron stories but this is truly my favorite. Ron has shared it publicly three times at churches with me. He talks about asking God if he is really up there and if his turtle can live a long life and break a century. Watch the 5 minute clip below and the rest will make sense.

On Tuesday night, a friend came to the hospital who had just stopped by Ron’s condo to pick up his cell phone charger, his calendar and a few other things… she was holding this turtle.  She said it was the only soft turtle she could find. When I saw it I was reminded about Ron’s experience, the one he shared in the video above. I have heard Ron talk about it several times but never knew what turtle he was talking about until she said it was the only soft one. When I held it in my hands the other night at the hospital, I read the tag and it was labeld “Circus Circus, Las Vegas, NV”. 


My son, Nolan won that soft turtle years ago playing games at Adventureland and we gave it to Ron months later. Nothing is by chance or accident. God is in control. I know that in one of the toughest seasons of Ron’s life, he was reminded once again that God is who He says He is and that God is real.

Ron has a tough road ahead of him but the outlook is strong. Please continue to pray for Ron, his family and friends and the work that I believe the Lord is doing in his life.