Sami was in her early 20’s when she contacted us about her situation.  She shared that her early years of growing up were what she perceived as perfect until out of nowhere her parents split up- her mom moved on in a new relationship and her dad in his alcoholism.  She began to ease her pain just as her father had done- with alcohol.  Sami met a man in his 40’s at a party who owned a stripping / escort agency.  Here is what she told us:

“He begged me to come work for him telling me I was beautiful and he could make me tons of money. I knew it was wrong, but I was so tired of feeling alone and unloved that I gave it a shot. I don’t remember my first party. Probably because I drank a whole bottle of vodka before I did it, but all I remember was waking up in the morning with a horrible hangover and a purse full of cash. I guess I figured if I didn’t remember it, it couldn’t of been that bad. From that point on I was a private party stripper. I have never worked in a club, but from what I hear they have very strict no touching policy. We had no such policy. Guys were allowed to touch us, slap us, **** us, bite us, they would try to **** us, pour beer on us, push us. I hated it. It was beyond degrading. I was disgusted with myself, so I just drank and drank so I couldn’t feel anymore and when that didn’t ease the pain I began doing cocaine to numb it even further.”

Sadly like so many others before her Sami continued in this lifestyle for years- just longing to belong somewhere- longing to be known- longing to be loved.  Sami ended up being raped by the man she met years earlier and went to work for and also like so many other victims blamed herself for the rape believing she deserved it because of the stripping.   Sami’s heart was to be what she once was:

“I wish I could turn back time and start my life over. I don’t even know how I let it get this far. I am a smart girl. I was on the honor roll in high school, yet I feel like such a stupid person for all the decisions I have made. I want nothing more than to go back to that sweet innocent girl I once was, but I don’t know how.

Thankfully through X3church partnership relationships we were able to come alongside of Sami through a local church in her community. One of the pastors and his wife took Sami under their wing and really began to mentor her and challenge her in healthy ways in addition to helping her financially and help her to create realistic goals with a life plan.   Sadly not every story has a happy ending to report.  Often times change is harder for these girls than just continuing to numb the pain and carry on lifeless. While Sami has slipped in and out of church as well as accountability, these pastors and the team here at XXXchurch remain available and are committed to praying for Sami, believing that a breakthrough is possible and Sami will find her potential in God.

Please join us in praying for Sami.