It’s Craig…Here is my take on things so far. First of all the team is
amazing. 17 of us including kids and wives. My favorite quote today was
“I like Jesus but hate his father”. Not that I like hearing that but, I
enjoyed overhearing that conversation that JR was having with this guy
because he cut to the chase and you could tell there was something big
going on in his life. A death of a friend caused him to hate God and
feel that way. JR told the guy he was going to pray for him and they
talked for a great while about life, God and everything in between. We
have 200 bibles left and no Jesus Loves Porn Stars shirts. We gave out
over 200 plus shirts and just have stickers and postcards.

DJ Thoroughbred keeps coming by the booth. He does soundtracks to porn
movies. He helped us the first day inflate Wally and now after 2 days
knows what we are all about and is still coming by. Mike and I listened
to his music. Mike volunteered his skills on the french horn and the
flute but I guess that is not needed in this type of music.He is
searching….pray for him now if you can.


The girls are working it hard. Clown Porn Stars! Who would have
thought. The show gets crazier and crazier each year and it blows my
mind what people will do now adays. They have so many ideas for next
year allready and so much excitement for what they are doing.
Remember, Trinity? Julia and I went to her booth today and met up with
her friends. Trinity was not there and neither was any of her
information. We talked to Gauge her close friend who is still in porn
and told her we are here for her. Walking over to her booth, I was so
excited to see that Trinity was not there and thought about all that
took place these last two months…it just made me think…who’s next?


I spent 2 hours last night at urgent care and finally got some
medicine. I am feeling better but my 5 month old and 3 year old seem to
be sick now. I spent the morning with the family and then got to the
booth around lunch time. I get to the booth and the receive a frantic
phone call from Jason from, who created the Jesus Loves
Porn Star shirts and postcards. He is a friend of ours. He just was
sent a letter from the attorney of John Holmes (famous porn star who
died years ago) demanding  we stop distributing the shirts and
postcards with John Holmes face on them. I received the email on my
phone as well from the lawyer. So, amongst the great things happening,
I am now dealing with legal issue because our friend Jason, I guess
looks like a porn star named John Holmes. Good thing the picture he
used was taken from a picture of himself. After some explaining to the
lawyer and proof of the pic it was cool.

Tonight, a bunch of us went to dinner. We got two tables. Kim,
Angela, and Rachel were at the table next to us when Angela’s phone
rang. It was a girl from the porn show who they had talked to several
hours prior and given a free t-shirt and card with their numbers. She
said she wanted to hang out and wanting to see if they had plans. They
invited her to dinner. We all said a quick prayer and a few minutes
later she arrived. I don’t know what happened, how long they hung out
for, or what they ate…it does not really matter. What matters is this
girl picked up the phone and reached out to our girls and was embraced.
It was cool to see. I can’t wait to hear. All I know is that as I was
leaving the restaurant I was encouraged and very proud of what was
happening. The prayers, the fasting, and your support is working. God
is moving amongst the team and others we have met today.

Off to bed it is 1am…