My wife pulls out something we got in the mail from December of 2008 today. It was a press release from David R. Yale for his book Saying No To Naked Women. A few things stood out to me. Actually 5 direct quotes. Pretty spot on.

1. Sex is a transaction between two people, and the currency is emotions.

2. A girl’s relationship with her father determines how she’ll relate to men. It’s key in shaping her personality. And understanding it can help you figure out what makes her tick.

3. The first woman in your life is your mother. Boys, in particular, learn about male-female relationships from their moms. If a boy’s mom is kind, understanding, and emotionally available, there’s a good change the boy will behave that way with women when he grows up.

4.  You can’t remodel people. People are not houses. People will only change if they, themselves, want to.

5. A kind, loving father teaches his daughter how to love in a hundred thousand tiny transactions. If a girls has the wrong kind of Dad, she’ll become a woman who’s always outside the house of love, nose pressed against the window, looking in and wondering why she can’t find the entrance.

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts?