Several months ago we received a request from a band asking if they could some how support us on their up and coming tour. In three weeks Scream/Ruin will be hitting the road for the Sink or Swim Tour with a couple other bands.

Starting on July the 7th in Leesberg, Va the band Scream/Ruin will be hitting the road on their Sink or Swim Tour. These guys approached asking if they could support us while on the road and bring awareness to the cause while telling people about the dangers of pornography.

It is there goal that before during and after the shows that they will be able to disciple and talk to folks about the dangers of pornography. has provided them with shirts to wear during the shows and information to handout to people when they talk to them before and after shows. They will be on the road with bands and fans that may not have the same views they do about Christ or the dangers of pornography. It will be tough at times but, they are wiling to step up and do what they can to bring light to a dark world.

So we ask that as Scream/Ruin gets ready to head out on the road you would support and pray with us for them. Pray that the may have safe travels and that God would do very powerful things in the conversations that they will have with other bands and fans.

Keep your eyes open on the site for stories that the band runs into on the tour.

If you are in a band and would like to help spread the word about contact Brian at [email protected] for more information.