Our Second Life property is now up and going. We are on Experience Island which is operated by LifeChurch.tv. Check out the whole island if you are a second lifer. If you have no clue what this post is about, do a search on google for second life and see what all the craziness is about.

To find our place in second life. Either search for “Experience Island” or “XXXchurch” and let us know what you think.

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Ten reasons why XXXCHURCH should be in Second Life

1) There are 4.2 million members of the Second Life virtual world.

2) Nearly half of all Americans who belong to online communities claim that the virtual world they inhabit is as important as the real world.

3) In the last 24 hours over 1.7 million real US dollars will be spent in Second Life.

4) Half of the most popular destinations in the Second Life world are pornographic.

5) There is actual Second Life porn—shot and distributed exclusively in the virtual world.

6) Sex brothels are common in Second Life and include the availability of virtual sexual encounters with children avatars.

7) For 220 Second Life dollars (about $1.30) you can participate in a fantasy rape at a Second Life rape club.

8) 44 percent of virtual sex in Second Life hermaphrodite/intersexed ageplay groups is father to daughter in nature.

9) 50 percent of those on Second Life participate in gender bending.
Gender bending: when your Second Life avatar is opposite of your real world gender.

10) There are zero sanctions against virtual, Second Life, child pornography in the United States—worldwide only the Netherlands and Italy are taking steps to pass laws banning this activity.