We welcome you to XXXCHURCH. If you are visiting after hearing about us on The Nightline Face Off with Craig Gross and Ron Jeremy. You can watch the FULL DEBATE on ABCNews.com We thank you for checking the site out. Let us know what you thought about the debate!

X3 is a worldwide movement to talk openly and honestly about the issue of pornography. If you need some back story to who we are and what the Porn Debate is check out ABC News Article – “XXXchurch Founder: Porn Is Fantasy, Not Reality”

Some people started posting on ABC’s website and emailing us at XXXchurch about Donny Pauling. I have know Donny for years and have plenty of emails from Donny saying things in his anger towards the church. In fact, the night before Donny gave his life to the Lord he posted on his website about how God does not even exist. All that to say, I stand by Donny and have personally seen his life change in front of me. This is not a scam. And trust me Donny is not doing this for the money. He is not paid on staff at XXXchurch and works a new business in the automobile industry.  Donny posted this in February of 2006 on an adult website months before his conversion. I was with Donny this morning in Orlando and I read this out loud to the men there and Donny talked about it.
 “My Evil Plan to go Mainstream….I’m going to go to a big church, get radically “saved”, write a book about how God delivered me from producing porn, and tour all the churches in the country… making mad money from the saints.”

Like I said, this was from February 2006 and reflected Donny’s hurt at the time towards the church. People are trying to use this against him now. Trust me he said more things then this….please people tell us something we do not know. Donny is on the next Dirty Little Secret Podcast so listen to it next week.

This just in……

Wes Dupin, Pastor at Daybreak Church in Grand Rapids had this to say after attending the debate at Yale – I was introduced to Craig by my youngest son who served as my Student Ministries Director at Daybreak Church. He said, “Dad, you have to meet this guy and get him to speak at Daybreak.” At first I was a little apprehensive of using the pastor of xxxchurch.com but when my friend Rob Bell, pastor of Mars Hill, used him I felt safe. I determined then and there to do all I could to encourage this young preacher of God to give it all he had. I wished I had enlisted him earlier. Craig not only delivered a moving message but returned to speak at Porn and Pancake Breakfast with over 600 men and teens in attendance. He later spoke at my Creative Infusion Conference with a standing room only of pastors. His presence along with his teaching changed not only my mind but the lives of many of our people.

Craig invited me to go with him to debate Ron Jeremy at Bowling Green University in Ohio. I was deeply impressed with the debate on what porn has done to our culture. I had the second opportunity to accompany Craig at Yale University in New Haven, Conn. The Porn debate between Craig Gross and Ron Jeremy was filmed by ABC News Nightline to be aired the next week, hosted by Martin Bashir. This was the culmination of campus activities entitled “Sex Week at Yale.” I could not get out of my mind that this school had been started 200 years ago as a preacher training college. I wondered what the old preacher Jonathan Edwards, who delivered the sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” would think if he were alive on campus for the debate? Wow!

The old hall we were using for the debate looked like it could have served another era as a church but now it was being used for an earlier lingerie show put on by the Yale students. I was quite impressed when I heard Nightline host Martin Bashir comment somewhat under his breath, “I don’t want to be in here for that,” to which he exited. After that show the cameras, lights and sound were all moved in by ABC News. Martin Bashir stood up and made this announcement, “I would like for all who are here to give their total respect to all points of view.” It was quiet momentarily and then he introduced Ron Jeremy and Monique Alexander to which there was thunderous applause. I knew then we were in for an interesting debate. Craig Gross and recently converted to Christ follower Donny Pauling were introduced with respectful applause.

I sat on the front row squarely in line with Craig as if to say I am here to stand in the line of fire. I kept praying that God would give Craig and Donny clarity of thought and the ability to communicate effectively. They were both on. God used them both to speak God’s love in an intelligent and winsome way. By the end you could tell that their message of hope and a better way to live had penetrated this young audience of intellectuals. The college student who sat next to me told me that he entertained himself with at least an hour of internet porn 5 – 6 days a week and would use this opportunity to pleasure himself. He kept his hand up for Nightline Host Martin Bashir to call on. Near the end he got his question, “Donny Pauling, what changed your life from a life of producing porn to a life of abstaining from porn?” You could hear a pin drop. That was the moment that God used in a powerful way to speak to minds forming opinions. God has set him free, no longer bound by addictive behavior and living a life of guilt. What a transforming moment!

Finally, I want to say a word about Ron Jeremy and Monique Alexander. I have spent several hours on two different occasions with Ron. I have found a man who is highly intelligent with a huge desire to hear the truth. The truth about God and his forgiveness. I believe someday the impact that Craig Gross and his ministry has, will love him into God’s Kingdom. Monique Alexander was well-dressed and very cordial to me as a minister. She shared how as a young girl she would often attend church youth camps and continues to have questions about God and religion.

I believe there is great hope that God is working through men like Craig and Donny and the xxxchurch.com to start a spiritual awakening in the porn industry that will eventually move to the church pew. Who knows how God might use Craig Gross like He choose to use shoe salesman like D.L. Moody or a baseball player like Billy Sunday or a dairy farmer’s son like Billy Graham. He might even choose to use a young evangelist like Craig Gross. What a future!

Wes Dupin, Lead Pastor of Daybreak