Since day one XXXchurch has been about reaching people.  Lost people, broken people … people who need help.  This has always been our heart and it is what drives us to go to adult conventions with a simple message, “Jesus loves you.”  The fact that we do this is something that often gets a lot of attention.  Sometimes it’s positive, sometimes it is negative.  Generally the negative criticism revolves around one question, “Why there?”  In other words, there are plenty of people that need Jesus all around us so why do we feel compelled to go to the adult industry to share the Gospel?

Let me tell you why. We do it because Jesus told us to.  It’s a little something the Christian world calls “The Great Commission.” When you look at Acts, specifically, we are told to go to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the utmost parts of the earth. In other words, everywhere.  However, the church often likes to go to their own families (Jerusalem), their local communities (Judea), and then skips right over Samaria while taking the message of Gospel to the “ends of the earth.”  Why do they skip over Samaria?  Because Samaria is the place they feel uncomfortable.  In Jesus’ times Samaritans were an ethnic group the Jews couldn’t stand.  They had different religious views, different cultural views, even different blood lines.  The point is this … Samaria was no place for a Jew.

Well in today’s age, sadly, this how many in the church look at the porn world.

They are different from “us.”

They believe differently from “us.”

They have a different culture than “us.”

In general, they have almost nothing in common with “us.”

Unfortunately this causes many to skip right over Samaria in their zeal to spread the Gospel. However, I don’t think this is what Jesus wants.  He wants us in Samaria, just like he wants us everywhere.  We go to porn shows and adult conventions for one reason … Jesus tells us to. Listen, if after reading this you feel motivated to do the same we’d love to have you join one of our missions trips. At the end of January the X3Team is going to Vancouver to the Taboo Show.  We still have a few spot open that need to be filled.  Go to and apply today to join us in Vancouver. Help us take Jesus where he needs to go and that’s everywhere.