I have been in Orlando ever since Wednesday. Had some time with my
family at some of the theme parks and spoke at two different churches.
This weekend we did 6 services at Discovery Church. Discovery has 4 weekend services and a 20’s community that meets on Sunday nights called Status that meet at 7pm and 9pm.

If you are ever in Orlando, check out this place. Great people,
great church. The talks will be on their websites if you are interested.

So, if you have not heard I live in Grand Rapids now where it is
already snowing. I moved from a small town in Riverside County called
“Canyon Lake”. I never got into surfing in California but got hooked on
wakeboarding years ago.

So, I met some fellow Californians today. The Murray family were at
church and invited me to come out and wake board this afternoon.

Ya, Shaun Murray, the guy
with his own video game. Cool. Ya, not only did I get to ride, I got a
little lesson. So, if this porn stuff does not work out I might make
the tour.  Not a chance…I am really not that good but it was great
meeting Shaun and his wife and parents and even saw some old XXXchurch
supporters Emily Copeland and her husband Kevin. Nothing like going for
a ride on a wakeboard when you really are not that good with two pro’s
in the boat


My son Nolan kept waiting to see alligators in the water but
although there was a lot of talk about them we never saw them. We had a
blast and it is so encouraging to meet great people who love the Lord
and who are making a difference in their world.

You got to love Orlando… Tomorrow, Nolan and I head to the
Dominican Republic to meet up with 10 others who are all going as the
final piece of the Starving Jesus Tour. We will have some updates from the DR.