Porn is something that wants to grabs people’s attention. Face it – lots of things try to grab our attention, from the time we are really young until now. We look for things that we think will satisfy us, whether it be money, relationships, jobs, sex, power, a spouse, cars, house…

We look to people who seemingly have everything and when you look deeper they are still searching for something that will make them happy long term, while never being satisfied with what they have. It’s an endless search for the thing you want to obtain, and all our attention goes to trying to get it. The next thing that will give us the most pleasure.

It’s the same with porn. You can search through endless pages and videos and it will never satisfy – you just end up wanting more and are left with a sense of guilt.

So what if your focused your attention on being selfless instead of self-satisfying? Shifting your attention to what you do have and not what you crave?

What if you focused 30 days on getting help?

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