I want to let everyone know about some changes and things happening with X3watch. I will try and keep this brief, but there are a lot of things we are working on!  We have so many people using our software X3watch that we have put significant time and dollars into this product. Here is the latest:

1. X3watch FREE version:

Yes, there is still a free product and there will continue to be a free product of X3watch. We are rebuilding the free software from the ground up. We are changing pretty much everything about how it works, scores sites and sending reports. This change will be for both MAC and PC. This will work with the new MAC Mountain Lion operating system in mind and the new Windows 8, as well as, previous versions. We have beta versions of this out right now for testing and will release within 30 days.

This free version will allow you to have unlimited accountability partners and will send reports once a week on any day that you specify. It will also have the ability to manually force a report to be sent on demand. We have 1 million free users right now and hope for another million to be added over the next 10 years.

2. X3watch Mobile:

We have over 40,000 users on mobile right now on Android or iOS. Most of those users got in at three different price points. It was either:


B. $1.99

C. $6.99

All the monies that people have spent on this APP have allowed us to make improvements to the software on the mobile side and on the free side. The latest builds for Android and iPhone are rock solid. We have fixed so many of the bugs that we have seen and are thankful for your patience. If you are having any issues with this APP, please submit a ticket and we will respond to you. Mobile is the wave of the future and where things are headed. With every new device and operating upgrades we need to spend more money and we can not keep up at the current price structure. Here is the good news. If you have the APP, nothing changes. If you are thinking about getting the APP, get it now for $6.99. We will be moving the mobile APP to $2-3 a month for NEW purchases. By the time Apple and Google take their cut, that leaves us the rest to continue to pour into this program. One of the coolest things is that if you have the mobile APP and the free version of X3watch, you will be able to consolidate all your reports into one report for all your devices. This will be sweet. This update is still about a month away as well but buy it now to get the best price and you will be locked in.

3. X3watchPRO: 

 We launched this product in February of 2011. We are just over a year into this product and are very happy with this so far. If X3watch FREE is a Toyota Scion…PRO is a Range Rover. This product has a built in filter, if you would like that option, has instant text message alerts and so many other features. We currently sell PRO at $7 a month and all the development and support for this product is handled by Internet Safety. While this is our branded product, this is a collaboration with them. We are continuing to make this product better and add more features and options. The price is staying the same at $7 a month or $75 a year, but are a few months away from being able to include X3watch MOBILE for free if you are a Pro user. Why not try X3watchPRO for free. Get a free 14 day trial by CLICKING HERE.