The South Florida Exxxotica Porn Convention was fantastic. The team and all of the people we got to serve were simply amazing. We also got interviewed by a lot of publications including the Miami Herald and PBS spreading the word that Jesus loves everyone, and YES Porn Stars! We loved getting to see the people who worked the convention and who visited our booth. They got to be welcomed by a group of people on our team consistently serving from the overflow of what Jesus has done in their heart and they wanted nothing else but to love all of the visitors to the booth.

Besides giving out thousands of Jesus Loves Porn Star bibles and stickers, we also got to celebrate the birthdays of 3 industry friends (Betty Bang, Farrah Abraham, and Gemini Lovell) and two team members with candles and cupcakes. It was amazing letting people see that they mattered to God and to us and that we wanted to celebrate the day they were born. The industry ladies we got to celebrate all had tears in their eyes after seeing that we really cared about them. We also got to give out water and granola bars to the porn actresses and industry ladies, as well as gifts to the local ladies who work in strip clubs. Some of the things we heard on the floor was, “I am so glad you are here”, “I think this is the only church I’d go to!”, “Wow! I love you guys, this place has never been the same since you have started coming” and one from a veteran porn producer “Wow, I really applaud what you all are doing. I’m very impressed”

Plus, we got to serve the ladies in the “Hotties Room” We provided makeup, snacks, foot massages and overall encouragement and support to the ladies who worked the convention. It was amazing to get to build friendships with these gals and be there for them if they needed anything or needed to talk about anything. Our “Hotties Room” team was fantastic as they got to love on the ladies right where they were. They kept saying, “So glad you all are here and not judging us”, “We love having you all here!”, “Thank you for loving us!”, “I can’t believe you are massaging my feet! My boyfriend doesn’t even do that!”, You guys are so sweet and we love that you are here! Are you going to be at every show?” It was a beautiful time!

All in all we answered a number of people’s questions about Jesus and what love really is while simply having a blast getting to be right where we were called to and right where we belonged. As we exchanged hugs with old friends and hugs with new friends, we all (X3 Team, Exhibitors and Attendees) got to leave the convention knowing that Jesus is pursuing each and every one of us. We don’t have to change our clothes, job or attitude. We get to let Him love us where we are and this past weekend He loved everyone at the South Florida Porn Convention equally. It was an experience that changed hundreds of lives including ours.

-Tim & Sandra Savage
Team Leaders


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I certainly have a greater compassion for the the woman and even the men who are addicted to porn. They all desire family, community, unconditional love and acceptance and that’s what we continually poured out for three straight days.




I had the most amazing time getting to know the girls in the Hotties Room. They were beautiful, sweet, and really easy to talk to. I loved setting the room up and getting it ready and then praying over it before the girls arrived. Jesus was so present over the entire weekend. The girls would arrive and start getting ready an hour before the show started. We would help them with their outfits and they would ask how they look. We would tell them they are beautiful, because they are. And I know Jesus loves them so much! Some of them expressed how judgmental the church is and that they had been hurt by people in church, but they were glad we were there. 




The Miami Exxxotica convention trip was life changing. I’ve never had to be more reliant on the Lord, in my fundraising, in my traveling, for physical safety, my conversations with people at the convention and my willingness to be myself and connect with my team members. I saw Jesus use a rag-tag bunch of ordinary people who knew him and loved him reach thousands with the message that they are not disqualified from God’s love and grace. He literally rained down love on the spiritual desert of that place and I’m just honored and blown away that I got to be a part of it. Ministering to the sex industry is what I want to do with my life.





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