So, my last post was about the “I love Boobies” campaign. Here is another one about boobs.

Last week, I was at the Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants Monday Night Football game. The night before I was watching some friends play at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. Some of you are already lost. This is football I am talking about.

Green Bay doesn’t have their own cheerleaders.  As of 2007, the team uses collegiate squads in a limited role to cheer during home games. I never noticed this at the previous Packers games I have been to. I suddenly took note of it the following night when I was in the new Texas stadium in Dallas watching the Cowboys.

They say that everything is bigger in Texas, the Cowboys Stadium’s new video screen which, by the way, is the largest 1080p HDTV in the world.

The behemoth TV stretches from 20-yard line to 20-yard line. We did the math and that means that the screen is 60-yards — or 2,160 inches — wide. That also means Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders onscreen will be 101-feet tall, in HD.

The stadium is amazing. It is something you have to see to really appreciate. Besides, the screen on one side of the field they have some gals dancing in cages and guys hitting some drums.

I love football. Cheerleaders are part of the game since junior high school. This stadium is all about the cheerleaders. The shots on the screen are so in your face and made it very uncomfortable for me to even look at the screen because every other moment there are extreme close ups of the women.

Now, the guy next to me was not uncomfortable. He was very comfortable. During one of the breaks, he busted out his video camera to record the cheerleaders performance.


No one blinked an eye. He was in a suite in the stadium. This guy is no joker. He is there mixing it up with some of Dallas’ finest. Maybe he is a dance choreographer and just loved the routine.

So, whose been to the stadium? Thoughts?

This is not just about football or Dallas. How many other areas has porn, boobs, sex made it’s way onto the scene?