I met Blake a few years back with my friend Jamie from TWLOHA. We were all speaking at a conference in Florida. Jamie and Blake spoke together and after their session, we spent a couple hours together.

Shortly after I bought my first pair of TOMS from Whole Foods. They actually formed a whole in them within a week. I didn’t want to be a cheap skate but I called the office and they insisted on sending me a new pair. I have owned many pairs since and they have no holes.

So, Blake’s book came out last week and is already a best seller. I picked it up today on my flight to Tennessee and just finished it.  Secretly, I was just wanting Ron Jeremy to see the book next to me on my flight and realize there are other shoes that are available besides CROCS.

An easy read and very interesting.  Many of you know our part of our mission at Fireproof Ministries is to train and develop people to meet the needs of the world through culturally relevant programs and ideas. We hold an annual event for new start ups called Launch501c3. So, reading a book like this is very exciting for me.

The book is called “Start Something That Matters” by Blake Myscoskie

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

“Sometimes the most important task is to show up in person”

“I realized TOMS was a story as much as it was a product”

“Don’t ever think that good ideas will come only from within your organization – sometimes you supporters will think up ideas as good as anything you employees could ever invent”

“A lack of resources in no reason to avoid starting a company. If anything, it often inspires creativity and combative edge… Our lack of resources when we started TOMS is one of the reasons we succeed.

“Too much money is not only unnecessary but also toxic.”

“When you dispose of formal titles, no one knows the pecking order…. In the long run. titles are just simply a way to get the job done.”

“You don’t need bells and whistles to run a business. All you really need is a website, business cards and a place where you can work.”

Lots more in this book. Great read and a great company.

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