We just picked up the new release of Starving Jesus from the publisher David C. Cook. The new book contains 3 new chapters that were writtenr after last years 40 day tour. It is available to ship starting October 1st. You can buy it at Amazon if you would like to check it out. We will be doing some things in the near future once the book is on shelves.

Just to let everyone else know, J.R. is moving on from his role at XXXchurch and going to be working on a few new ventures. J.R said… Those of you who know me, know I bleed little X’s. The ministry has changed the way I carry my faith and I have personally seen countless miraculous life changing moments from those who have sought help through XXXchurch’s resources. I will cherish the times getting to know the great folks of the porn industry as well as the great people who have and are coming to accountability. I am excited about a few things already happening… from new ministry ideas to some long over do outreach ideas. I will let everyone know as things shake out.

J.R. is still involved with all things Starving Jesus. You might even find him chained to the pew in front of your church…who knows. Check out www.starvingjesus.com to stay up to speed on that project. We are going to ask J.R. to beg Rob Supan and come on the Podcast one more time for a Traffic/Weather segment but we can’t make any promises they will do that but to let our faithful podcast listeners know some good news…we have CANCELLED I’m 22 and know everything.

Please email us with thoughts for new segments.