Strip ChurchThis weekend, the Strip Church team kicked off our first Strip Church Training of 2014 located in Dallas, TX. Thirty-two women were represented from eighteen different cities, including one international (Red Deer, Canada). We are always so excited to see that God is continually directing women’s hearts to this ministry. Whether they’re from a small town in Canada, or a big city like New York, God has individually picked out women and aligned their stories with our ministry this weekend.

At this training, we partnered with We Are Cherished, a local strip club outreach ministry in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. The team from We Are Cherished shared powerful insights about their experience doing ministry in the sex industry. We heard testimonies from Polly Wright, founder of We Are Cherished, and Lynn Stevens, leader of the newly created chapter of We Are Cherished in Columbus, Ohio.

Last night, 26 women went on an outreach with the We Are Cherished team and delivered nearly 800 gift bags, filled with earrings, lip gloss, nail polish and an encouraging note to women working in strip clubs across Dallas.

It’s been an amazing weekend so far teaching women from all stages of life, ministry, ages, and cities about how Christians can be involved with the sex industry. We are bridging the gap between what many people believe shouldn’t go together or even be used in the same sentence. This weekend, we believe an army of women is rising up to extend Christ’s love and grace where it is often not seen and to let women in their hometown strip clubs know that they are loved, valued, and cherished.

As we close out the final day of Strip Church Training Dallas, we are looking forward to the lives that will be impacted through these women as they go home equipped to make an impact. Join us at our next training event in Chicago this July!


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