Last week, we had our Strip Church Training in beautiful Miami. 28 women from Minnesota to New York, North Carolina to the US Virgin Islands, met on Friday and Saturday to learn how to start a strip club ministry in their city. This was our very first training on the East Coast, and we couldn’t be more excited about all of the new cities that were represented at the event.

Harmony Dust with Treasures L.A., Lisa Jernigan & Patty Wyatt with Girlfriendit, Ryan Russell with XXXchurch, and Sandra Savage with BeLoved shared their experience with strip club outreach, leadership, fundraising, and nonprofit management. We had ex-industry gals, stay-at-home moms, a youth program director, travel agents, and others who are simply passionate about letting women in the sex industry know they are loved and valued. 

On Friday night, we did an outreach, where three teams visited 20 different strip clubs all around Miami. By the end of the night, we had handed out over 900 gift bags to girls in the clubs!! It was an incredible weekend of sowing seeds, building up leaders, and encouraging one another in our faith journeys.  

 Below are some experiences from the women who attended. 

I had no idea how this ministry worked, so getting to experience it firsthand was absolutely amazing and has ignited incredible passion in my heart for the women and their value and expressing to them that they are loved and valued. –Angela

The training made me more excited for the ministry and took away the anxiety that I had about training and starting this ministry. It also laid out a bunch of “common sense” type of advice that I wouldn’t have thought of before going into the club that really prepared me for going into the clubs.June

It was an awesome weekend. The Lord is most definitely up to something in His desire to see His kids come back to Him. Thank you for empowering us all, and for the work you do day in and day out! You walk in Holy Spirit power and nothing can defeat that! 🙂 – Natasha

We will hold a Strip Church training in Dallas in February and in Sydney Australia in March. Check out to register.


Craig Gross