The summer is going by so fast. Festivals, Conferences, Churches, Websites, Interns and did we mention Las Vegas. Below is the latest at X3…

We have a solid group of interns. Catch up with them on the intern blog or hit them up separately: Jon, Stephen, Sammyk and Jake. The entire team has not been in the same place much this summer but last Sunday we all took a trip to Citadel of Faith in Detroit to hook up with an old friend, Harvey Carey.

Harvey prayed for our move to Vegas and in his prayer he said, “I pray
that houses sell quickly.” This week Clint’s house sold and my house
sold. Vegas is one step closer.

The geek squad also known as Difted have been cranking out some cool new things this summer. Check out the new Difted site when you get a chance. They have a new Heartsupport site launching later in the month as well.

We are pumped about the blogs here at X3. If you have not checked out the Get Help section of the site…do it NOW. We have blogs for the whole family. Check out what you are missing.

Big changes are in store for Dirty Little Secrets. We are retiring the Pillar intro song, the format and the name in its entirety. We just launched podcast #96 with a great interview with Jon Gordon.
We will finish out the summer with #100 and that is it. We are working
on a best and worst episode for the last show and have some special
guests lined up, including Shirley from, authors of The Porn Trap and an ex-cam girl with an incredible testimony. Don’t miss the final episodes.

What is around the corner? Well, it’s simple. VIDEO.
We started the show over a phone line with no microphones, then we
bought some mics and now we have a couple of HD cameras. Why not use

We will be calling it a “webisode”
instead of a podcast, since that is the new term that I learned from
Brandon. It will be called “XXXchurch” because that is what we call
this ministry.

It will have its own mini site where you
will be able to download, subscribe, stream, rss, etc. This site will
be Look for the episode #1, September 1st. New
episodes will be released every other week.

By the way…we are moving to Las Vegas. Applications for internships starting in Jan. 2009 are now being accepted. Thanks for reading.