In a few hours,  I take off on a 16 hour flight for Syndey, Australia. This will be be third time in Australia and everything except that flight is so exciting about this trip. I am not sure if you knew but I do hate to fly but seem to get on a plane most weeks despite of that fear. Please keep us in your prayers as we are over in Australia. Below are some of the details of our trip.

*Monday Night – Leave LAX for Sydney. It happens to be Ron Jeremy’s birthday so wish him a happy birthday on twitter.

*Wednesday  – We arrive on Wednesday in Australia and Ron and I will be doing the “Great Porn Debate” in Sydney. 

*Thursday – Sunday – The Sydney Sexpo is the largest show in Australia. We have exhibited at Brisbane, Australia before but never Sydney. We will be passing out Bibles, talking to people and all that.  We will be doing an interview for ABC in Australia on Thursday about our ministry.

*Saturday AM – I am speaking for a Seventh Day Adventist church on Saturday morning in Melbourne. That is a quick hour or so flight over from Sydney. I will head over there for the morning.

*Sunday PM – After the show, I will be speaking at a church Sunday night near Sydney along the coast. 

* Monday PM – One of the most popular journalist in Australia is a guy name Tony Jones. He hosts a show called Q and A in Australia that goes live out to the whole country on Monday nights. I will be one of the guests for the evening.

*Tuesday –  Back home.

There are four of us going over on this trip. My good friend Michael Guido who has been a road pastor to several bands and musicians over the last 25 years is coming over. Leslie Hawkins who is from Eastlake Church in Seattle and also serves on our board of directors is coming over. Rachel Collins who I still can’t seem to get fired from her day job at a church is joining us once again.  Pray for our families that are staying back home as well.

Thanks for your support and prayers!