Every time we have an outreach I think to myself that we’ve hit a level of excellence that will be hard to improve on but then the next show I’m proven wrong. The Taboo Outreach in Vancouver was no exception.

Our team chemistry was incredible and all of the volunteers brought great energy and enthusiasm with them every time they hit the floor with stickers and books in hand. It was amazing and humbling at the same time to see such passion for reaching people from all who were involved.

Conversations were incredible as they usually are. The team displayed a unique openness amongst each other during sharing times showing incredible accountability in action. It was a pleasure and honor leading this group along with our veteran local leader Amanda C.

Thanks to all who supported this team. Here are some comments from those involved. If after reading this you have interest in joining us on a trip or supporting those who do join us please visit myxxxchurch.com for more information.

Also, a special thanks to Awaken Church in Tennessee and lead pastor Kevin Miller for generously supporting this effort and helping make it happen!

“5 years seems like a long time and it has been lots of work but consistency is key in a world where things are often not. I can clearly see the difference continuing to be there has made. It was awesome to be together as a team who had the same vision.”
– Amanda C. (Team Leader)

“This was my second year in a row volunteering with XXXchurch at the Taboo Show in Vancouver, and just to say no year is the same. It was great being able to come back and already have an idea of what it would look like from the eye prospective. However, no experience can be duplicated or re-created. They are brand new, which is always exciting. For myself I found that I was learning a lot about how to communicate better the love of Jesus with those attending/working at the show. It’s not just all about telling people that Jesus loves them, its showing it (whether you mention the name Jesus or not). My own mission is not to convert or change people, because that is not in my power to do so, that is entirely God’s job. But I get to take part in getting to know His other son’s and daughters who have yet to take that name as their own. I am so thankful to have been a part of this trip again; and I am looking forward in continuing with it at these shows and right here at home.”
– Michelle B.

“I really appreciated the ministry opportunity XXXchurch provided. Sharing Jesus’ love at the Taboo Show was definitely unique and not as uncomfortable as I expected. Our message was simply – Jesus loves you no matter where you are in life. This confused or surprised some and led others into conversations. Working alongside my daughter, who has a heart for women involved in the sex trade, was encouraging.”
– Marvin F.

I really enjoy talking to and meeting new people. The Vancouver Taboo show definitely was outside my comfort zone, but I soon realized that everyone there was a normal person, and then it was a lot of fun to chat with them and share that Jesus loves everyone and it’s not a joke. People at the convention are often willing to talk and, although we usually led very different lives, it wasn’t hard to find something in common. I’m also thankful to have been on an amazing and supportive team with good leaders.”
– Teri B.

“This was an incredible experience! People were very open and that paved the way to have deeper conversations about faith, sex and pornography. I haven’t been on any other outreaches where people were so willing to engage in such a personal way. I really appreciated the leadership of team that encouraged us and challenged us to be real and authentic with our experiences and struggles. This really is a unique opportunity to love people where they are at.”
– Bethany J.

“The Trip to the Taboo Show in Vancouver confirmed for me the need for the Church to “send” and “go ” into every place instead of “come ” and “see” us. I was given the opportunity to engage in conversation with people who I may not have otherwise. It was also a great opportunity to have those outside the Church hopefully experience the Grace of Jesus and see the Gospel lived out in the lives and conversations of those of us who went.”
– Lesley R.

“It’s encouraging to see the relationships that develop over the 5 years XXXchurch has been at the show. I enjoyed encountering and hearing stories of vendors, patrons, and industry men and women approaching the booth with joy and gratitude. I believe consistency is important in any relationship and helps reveal Christ’s unconditional love. I loved being at the booth with my dad! Throughout my life he has always been a loving father and a spiritual mentor. I appreciated his strength, courage, and Godly wisdom as we served and debriefed together. Our team was spectacular! I could not have imagined a better group of men and women to serve with. It was encouraging to hear how they were serving Christ at home as well as seeing them “in action” as they shared the message of His genuine, unconditional love.”
– Danée K.

“This was my second year at the convention and it was another amazing experience! The team was great and so were the leaders! I thought that we all bonded well with each other, which helped us when we were on the floor. There are many great stories and conversations to be told. I would say that most people at the convention are open to hearing that Jesus loves them no matter what. Those that shared that they don’t believe there is a God, still said they could respect the fact that we show love and acceptance without judgment.”
– Tamra M.

“Where should I start? I wasn’t sure how I was going to respond – as a guy – to the porn show. But I knew that I had a team of people praying and I could definitely feel the impact! I was emotionally exhausted after the four days. This was for many reasons. First, I am an introvert by nature that has diligently worked on being an extrovert. (I can fake it pretty well.) Second, every interaction I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. I didn’t want to mess the conversation up and end up leaving a negative taste in the persons mouth. I didn’t know how the person was going to react to me and the thought that Jesus loves them. Third, the show is a dark place and we were shining a bright light. I loved the simplicity and clarity of our goal. It really shocked people. They were waiting for more.”
– Chris T.