Last weekend we had a great team that took part in serving at the eXXXotica convention in Florida.

11 years ago it was me, Mike Foster and both of our wives at the first show. We have come a long ways. Since then, we have taken hundreds of people with us and I think it is one of the best outreaches you can ever be a part of. Of course, I am a little bias.

At the end of every trip, people fill out a survey and give us their comments. Tonight a few showed up in my email and thought I would share what I read from one of them.

Without a doubt the craziest, most unconventional approach to ministry I have taken part in…

Without a doubt the most effective approach to this industry.

All barriers are removed and ministry takes place immediately.

God is really hard at work here!!!!

I can’t wait to do this again!

So much ofGod’s word became real for me. I felt as if I journeyed through bible stories and watched them come to life.

Approaching people with Christs perspective opened my mind to the brokenness that Christ sees in each of us…the love He has for us to carry our sins.

Christ truly broke my heart for what breaks His this past weekend.

This has changed my life and my perspective about the way I view others, about the way I view myself.

I know that I was just where God wanted me.

God has always placed me where the harvest is plentiful. This was my season to sow the seeds. It was such a blessing.

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