I am inspired every time a person completes their very first endurance race. So much goes into the accomplishment of racing such a great distance. For most it starts out with a mindset that says “I can’t do this”. Then, with some encouragement, direction, prayer and really hard work invested into regular training, a person is able to start to see very tangible life change and transformation that leads, over time, to them completing a 13.1 mile race (or even a 26.2 miler!).

What’s revealing about this process is that it is so very much like the process that goes into the battle that people wage against porn when they are caught up in an addiction.

A big thanks to the whole team who came together this past weekend for the Las Vegas Marathon and 1/2 Marathon. Our goal with every one of these events is to raise awareness and support for the ongoing ministries of XXXchurch.com. Krissee, Joy and John all completed their very first 1/2 Marathons while Jason completed his first full marathon. The whole team, including Dave, Jocelyn and Leslie did a fantastic job sharing the ministry with your friends, family and those out there on the course.

Think you might want to join the team for one of our upcoming races?
Check out the team website for more details: www.TeamXXXchurch.com

Ryan Russell